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Композитор Иван Карбиц Автомобили Lamborghini

About Company


  - consulting company that specializes in project development, aimed at optimizing business processes at an organization.

Our team - a group of professionals, who use individual approach to increase effectiveness at an organization: project realization aimed at improving business processes; corporate trainings; recruiting and personnel development; multilevel informational and consulting support for a client company.

Our goal- to help a client company understand, reach, and realize the existing potential for increasing effectiveness and business results from within. Throughout our experience, we have developed a point of view on increasing potential within an organization and we want to help others realize this goal. Our success equals improvement of end results for our client.

In our practice, we use the best methods of improving business processes: Kaizen concepts and production system of Toyota (TPS), methods and instruments of Lean production, project management, TOC and Six Sigms. The implementation of these methods guarantees constant stable effectiveness increase in any organization.

In our practice, we use such principles as:


We only work with projects, which will be financially viable for our clients and which will improve the processes at our client company (measured by improved end results)

Building Long Term Relationships:

We are determined to build long term partner relationships with our clients and realize this principle by providing multi-level support system and consulting services during the length of our relationship.


We understand that each company’s needs are individual. Our practice, during the entire cycle, is developed to provide specific solutions that are aimed to fit the individual needs of each client. Our consultants only use those methods and instruments, which will bring maximum profit to your organization.


Our clients, at any time, can get full information access regarding ongoing project, activities, time frames and stages of projects; information about our consultants and work group; and learn more about the services and practices of our company.

Constant development:

We constantly work on improving the professional level of our client’s employees, by spreading the maximum amount of knowledge and involving employees of all levels into the project, which makes the process of improvement within your company more effective.


We guarantee full confidentiality to our clients. Our main principle is confidentiality of information received during the work process, loyalty and honesty in a client relationship. 


We concentrate on improving end results for our client company, by putting the company interests above individual interests, and by considering independent viewpoints; working only in those areas, which will be of true value for our client.

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